Verify identity and sign contracts with your customers online with unprecedented legal strength

NFINITY Contracting Platform is a SaaS identity verification and contract signing service for banks, mobile operators or insurance companies that drives the change.

We provide a ready-to-use unique SaaS solution, thanks to which companies and their clients can sign contracts with the highest possible legal acceptance easily and at a low cost through the so-called qualified signature. Additionally, our solution requires no special hardware (no ID readers, USB keys, chip cards...) and issuing a certificate for QES is running "on-demand" on backroud when needed and without any additional client activities or bothering.

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Onboard new customers instantly

Increase the legal strength of signatures

Meet eKYC

Check identity in digital record

Our solution for QES

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    Ready to use SaaS solution

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    No additional HW needed (no ID readers, USB keys, chip cards...)

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    Issuing a certificate for QES remotely from the comfort of your home

Get more customers by implementing the world fastest and most streamlined eKYC onboarding and cutting-edge signing process.

Signing the contract with
a qualified signature using facial biometrics

Scan and extract data from the identification document

Consent to the wording of the contract

Authorizing the signature using facial biometrics

Signing of the contract with the qualified signature by certification authority

Signed contract ready

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    no special HW needed

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    multiple methods for identity verification and signature

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    getting a certificate for QES from the comfort of your home

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    increased legal certainty by making a record of the entire process

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    on-the-fly option to choose signature strength (advanced vs qualified)

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    several people from different places can sign one contract at the same time

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    no additional activity or hassle needed for client to use QES or AES

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    using always the optimal signature for the purpose

Typicall Common Solution offers
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    special HW needed or activated eID needed or special SW installed, etc

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    offering mostly one method

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    to issue the certificate a visit to the certification authority is required

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    only the signature of the document itself (no digital record provided)

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    Higher costs and maintenance associated with long-term certificates

Thanks to this universal solution, which is accepted across the EU and uses local possibilities, we can turn any business conversation between our clients and their customers into a legally binding agreement, regardless of whether the conversation takes place in person or remotely. Our solution is economically attractive and, moreover, its implementation takes a maximum of a few weeks.
Digital Architect at Softec
Libor David


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    Plug-and-play solution

    Ready-to-use, with both mobile and web SDK to easily integrate into your process.

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    Instant time-to-market

    Well documented and operated as SaaS, you can deploy it immediately and use within your process from Day 1.

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    Cool customer experience

    Simple and intuitive, your customers will love using it.

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    High conversion

    Finetuned FAR/FRR parameters for highest throughput while meeting strict security.

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    Security is our priority

    Fully compliant with security and regulatory standards of largest Banks, Insurance and Telco operators.

Thanks to NFINITY we managed to create one of the fastest and most streamlined eKYC onboarding processes in the world and successfully continued to challenge the status quo on the market.
Head of Segment Marketing
Kristián Baráti, O2 Slovakia
NFINITY was implemented in 200 bank branches for 1900 bankers. I appreciate the expertise and style of work of NFINITY colleagues and I can recommend the cooperation with NFINITY.
Executive Director and Board Member, CSOB Czechia, member of KBC
Marcela Suchankova
Facial biometrics solution provided by NFINITY allowed us to make our service even more efficient and made it very comfortable for our clients.
CTO, OVB Allfinanz Slovakia
Marek Mihok
NFINITY opened up new possibilities for cooperation between our co-workers and clients.
CEO, Partners Group SK
Juraj Juras
We achieved fully digital process of a client onboarding enabling the purchase of the relevant banks products with remote identity verification. I do appreciate the expertise and style of work of NFINITY team and I can clearly recommend cooperation with them.
Director of the Digital Division, CSOB Slovakia, member of KBC Group
Miroslav Strapoň
As the time-to-market was a significant factor for us, we managed to deliver the first phase with SOFTEC in 6 weeks, which is very fast.
Technical Tribe Lead - Omnichannel, Slovak Telekom
Robert Hvorečný

Meet the technology behind NFINITY

The AI-driven NFINITY engine combines advanced ID verification, Face Recognition and Liveness Detection into a user-friendly process. The mobile customer acquisition process has never been easier or smoother.
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    ID capture

  • Fully automated ID capture, classification and data extraction
  • Supports many ID documents from all over the world
  • Cloud-based OCR (doesn’t require high smartphone CPU)
  • Neural networks and AI based ID classification, normalization and fastest OCR solution on the market
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    Face Verification

  • Facial recognition technology utilizing machine learning and advanced neural networks for a quick process
  • Fully automated selfie capture which meets ICAO parameters
  • AI based algorithm verifies biometric match of the user face with the ID photo
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    Liveness check

  • iBeta tested liveness check verifying directly from selfie photo
  • AI based technology that runs on both cloud service as well as device
  • Technology allows seamless process of liveness verification

The best-in-class face biometry