How NFINITY helped O2 with onboarding new customers?

  • What is the situation on TELCO market?

    The TELCO industry must deal with a full range of challenges, tackle the digital transformation, and face new market trends such as to reflect the shift in the verification of client’s identity in sales of SIM or eSIM cards remotely. Secure identity verification in TELCO business has become an essential component of online security and brings completely new challenges for mobile operators. The identity verification process is also essential in care and sales scenarios, where the use of the validated customer identity is required, such as in new customer onboarding or sensitive data access in the personal account.

  • What was the challenge for O2?

    O2 is the leading TELCO operator in Slovakia, with more than 2,2 million clients and is a major player in the CEE region with more than 8 million clients.

    As part of establishing a new virtual TELCO operator – Radosť, O2 deployed a new fully remote onboarding process. “The challenge was to simplify the customer acquisition process” says Head of segment marketing O2 Kristián Baráti. O2 was looking for a complete and solution, including technical support and consulting, based on Software as a Service (SaaS) “The main criteria for us were the security, accuracy, eKYC identity verification component and of course time to market“ adds Kristián Baráti.

  • How does NFINITY solve the challenge?

    NFINITY is solution used by many customers in Telco, Banking and Insurance industries,as the solution meets the high demand for security and reliability standards. As a SaaS solution and ready made mobile identity verification component, it provides O2 the opportunity to integrate and to deploy this solution very easily. The integration of NFINITY face recognition and identity verification component into O2 application ecosystem “took only 3 weeks and it is ready for eSIM sales launch and fully meets eKYC criteria” (Kristián Baráti). New onboarding process includes taking an ID picture, making selfie while the customer liveness check runs seamlessly in the background, “It’s intuitive, secure and doesn’t require any assistance from the staff” adds Chief Commercial Officer of O2, Milan Morávek.

Our challenge as a mobile operator was the simplify the customer acquisition process and meet our criteria for security, accuracy, and time to market. This wouldn't be possible without the technology provided by NFINITY. Thanks to NFINITY, we managed to create one of the fastest and most streamlined onboarding processes in the world.
Kristián Baráti
Head of Segment Marketing
O2 Slovakia
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< 800 ms

Fastest OCR on the market

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